Fløyen by foot

Fløyen mountain is the most accessible of the Bergen mountains, within reach by foot, approx. 1 hour walk up-hill, 45 minutes down-hill. In nice weather you won’t need more robust footwear than the shoes you would use walking the streets of the town. There are several routes you could up the hill. The Fløyen by foot route suggested below is not very steep uphill (proposing you start up the right hand sidewalk of Vetrlidsallmenningen). However, the downhill route takes you through some quite steep streets at the lower part. The lower part of our suggested up-hill route is identical to the bicyle 2017 UCI Road World Championships individual time trial uphill sourse to mount Fløyen. The upper part of the UCI Championship course is identical to the upper part of our suggested downhill route.

Fløyen by foot uphill

You’ll pass Skansen Brannstasjon (Fire station) , which was opened in 1903. The building is a significant landmark in town, which used to play an important part in preventing fires in the wooden house area in the hillside below. This fire station was closed in 1969. Today the local crossbow brigade (buekorps) has its base in the house. (Continued below photos.)

The pedestrian road leads you up several u-turns, a favourite track for sledgeriders in snowy winter days. At the point where you reach the plateau, you’ll find Granebo Barnehage, a kindergarten whose children who every day meet the kindergarten staff at the Fløibanen funicular lower station every morning and returned in the afternoon. The road further takes you to the restaurant and view area at the Fløibanen funicular upper station.

From the restaurant, the kindergarten and several other locations, there are walkways further into and above the woods, which could take you for a nice hike all the way over Vidden to mount Ulriken, where you could go down by foot or cable-car. This hike is approximately 4-5 hours, and you’ll have to be bring enough food, clothing and boots to handle some rough weather.

Fløyen by foot downhill

The suggested Fløyen by foot route downhill passes some more sharp u-turns before reaching Skansemyren idrettsplass, an athletics track used by sporty youngsters from the whole town centre. A little further down you can follow along a short stretch of Fjellveien, a mainly pedestrian road beloved by locals for romantic strolls. The last stretch down Endregårdsbakken and Skivebakken is really steep. If you visit during winter, take a good piece of advice and buy a pair of “brodder”, spikes for your shoes. They are often for sale in the local food stores.

Or, of course, you might just as well can go by the funicular Fløibanen—one way or both, or from one of the stations on the line.

Follow the track indicated in the map, or check our video!

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