Nordnes Sea Pool

Nordnes Sea Pool (Nordnes Sjøbad) is situated at the north-western tip of the Nordnes peninsula, in the Nordnesparken park, close to the Aquarium. It has pools for swimming and playing, and you might dive and swim in the fjord if you are comfortable with the temperature. During July and August the sea temperature is warmer than you would believe! Spending some hours in the crowd by the fjord on a summer day, is a highlight among things to in Bergen. You might also lfind a swim in the heated pool on a rainy summer day quite a treat! The pool is open in any kind of weather.

There are pools and lawns for sunbathing and children’s play.

In 2017 the bath opens for summer at 18th May, and closes medio September.

Nordnes Sjøbad website

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